CMC Elections

The California Mathematics Council conducts elections of state and section officers every two years in odd numbered years. Voting begins September 1 and ends October 1. All current members, as of September 1, can vote for state officers. Section officers are elected by the members residing in that section based on mailing addresses. Out of state members only vote for state officers. 

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State Officer Candidates

President Elect


Diana Ceja
Fontana, CA

Over the years, I have been blessed with many learning opportunities that have shaped my philosophy and love of teaching and mathematics. During my first teaching assignment, I was invited to attend the CMC-S Math Conference with a few teachers from my math department.  Every year we would travel to Palm Springs on a Saturday to learn more about mathematics.

It was attending the CMC-S conference during my first year of teaching that I experienced mathematics as a beautiful, sensible and collaborative human endeavor.  I was hooked and wanted my students to experience mathematics this way every day.  This experience influenced me as a teacher and as a learner.  I was so excited. I remember walking into the convention center to meet up with my teammates and I noticed a group of people wearing green aprons and vests and thinking to myself, “One day, I will be one of those people.”  I eventually found my way to the distinguishable and oh-so-flattering green Apron.  I was so proud and thrilled to be a part of CMC, glad to be able to give back what I had received. 

Now, at a time when mathematics teaching and learning are under excessive pressure, it becomes important for CMC to continue its role as the public voice of math educators: To advocate for teaching and learning of mathematics that is considerate of teacher agency as they work to position students for success in the 21st century; to strengthen as a state-wide network by growing partnerships and providing math educators access to high quality resources and support; and to continue setting standards for equitable practices in teaching and learning of mathematics. 

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve the educators of California over 20+ years, as a member of state-wide networks such as the Math Community of Practice, California Mathematics Network, the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee, and as Secretary and President of CMC-South.  I currently serve as an affiliate representative for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and am coming to the end of my term as President of TODOS: Mathematics for all.  

As an organization, CMC has a clear mission and established goals.  It would be an honor to be elected as the state-wide President of CMC and continue the charge of supporting and advocating for teachers and students. 


Bruce Grip
Redlands, CA

 CMC will continue to lead and support efforts to provide high-quality mathematics instruction for all students in California. I would like to continue to be involved in leading those efforts as your president. 

Communicating opportunities, providing resources, supporting legislation, networking professionals and promoting equity in mathematics should be our focus for the benefit of all students and their teachers. 

Although retired from public school teaching, I continue to be involved in professional development for teachers of mathematics, in supporting new teachers of mathematics, and in presenting math festivals for elementary students. Through committees and as a conference presenter I am an advocate for positive and meaningful mathematical learning experiences for all students. 

I have served as the CMC Treasurer for the past four years. Simultaneously I have volunteered as a member of the CMC-South conference committee and as vice-president of my local affiliate. I am a current member of the statewide mathematics Communities of Practice. 

My past volunteer experiences include: Four years as vice-president and conference chair for CMC-South, four years as chair of the CMC-South program committee, member of the CA Academic Content Standards Commission and member of the CA Math Framework Committee. 

It would be my honor and privilege to serve as your state CMC president. 



April Goodman-Orcutt
San Jose, CA

I am so excited to be given this opportunity to  run for State Secretary for a second term!  I have been involved with CMC since the mid 90s as both a member and then a few years later as a volunteer at the Asilomar Math Conference.  I was lucky enough to hold the positions of CMC-N Vice-President/Program Chair, President-Elect and President, as well as being the State Treasurer for a few terms, as well as be your current State Secretary. I am so passionate about our organization and feel privileged to continue to work in some capacity for the future of our state’s students and teachers.  I believe so completely in the vision of CMC that all students have the capacity to become mathematically competent and confident when provided a rigorous and challenging mathematical program supported by high expectations.  As a middle school teacher for over 20 years, I am always working towards this goal. I have also been involved with my local affiliate as the Treasurer for SCVMA for many years and have held various leadership roles in my district, such as Department chair and been on the adoption committee for two different cycles.  If elected, I would be honored to continue my work with the amazing educators of the State Board and up and down the state of California. Thank you for your consideration. 


Christina Lincoln-Moore
Los Angeles, CA

I am honored to run for Secretary of the California Mathematics Council. The CMC plays a key role in national advocacy for mathematics, research, and education. My professional goals align well with the mission of the CMC. I am devoted to mathematics research, teaching, and outreach. I am dedicated to mentoring a diverse group of young mathematicians and building the capacity of educators and parents. I helped to charter an affinity group, The Parents of Black Archer Students (PBAS), at The Archer School for Girls in August 2018. PBAS is a medium to discuss topics of race, identity, and diversity in a safe space that will enable students of color to develop their voice and provide a majority experience for students regularly who are in the minority. Our goal is to increase Archer’s ability to recruit and retain families and teachers of color.I currently serve as its Secretary. I will serve as CMC’s Secretary with dedication, efficiency and driven by my commitment to “increasing the diversity of membership of the California Mathematics Council and the diversity of leadership in mathematics education at the local, state, and national levels.”



Scott Ellingson
Fresno, CA

Serving multiple terms as the CMC Central Treasurer is a great honor and I am proud to be part of a section board and the direction we have taken over the last few years. We made bold changes in hopes of meeting the ever changing needs of teachers in the Central Valley and beyond. Those decisions have been a resurgence in conference attendance, section membership, and adding or renewing affiliates. 

Continuing to strengthen and provide opportunities for teachers and administrators of this section has been a rewarding experience that I would like to continue doing on a statewide scale as part of the CMC State elected board. My 18+ years in the classroom, ranging from elementary school to high school, to my current position as a Mathematics Specialist with Madera County Superintendent of Schools, has given me a wide-ranging perspective and experience with the continuing challenges and successes teachers and administrators experience in our evolving mathematics landscape. 

I would greatly appreciate your support and vote allowing me to utilize all of these experiences as I represent teachers across the state as the CMC State Treasurer.


Nicholas Lopez
Reedley, CA

It is an honor to run to serve as the CMC State Treasurer. To have the ability to network with educators across the state to best support and connect Central California’s efforts in mathematics education is a passion that I hold near and dear to my heart. 

My 10-year educational journey began with Dinuba Unified School District where I served as a classroom teacher and district instructional coach. I am currently in my second year as a Mathematics Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist with Tulare County Office of Education where I strive to encourage and support teachers, administrators, and district leaders to examine their current systems to ensure that each and every student has access to a high-quality and equitable mathematics experience. 

It would be an honor to serve as treasurer.


CMC Northern Section Candidates

President Elect


Mary Ann Sheridan
McKinleyville, CA

Let me just say: "the California Math Council-North is a welcoming professional-development community." I have been lucky to be involved with this dynamic and progressive organization for fifteen years. Every meeting I attend, I leave with resources that showcases the joy of mathematics for my students and colleagues. In Dec 2018, I was humbled to receive the George Polya Award at the Asilomar Conference for my support of CMC-N work. I have served as President for CMC-Far North Affiliate, CMCN chairs for Conference Evaluations and as the CMC-N Sales/Rep to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  

The CMC-N Asilomar Conference over the years has been a continual thread in my teaching journey. I have presented at my local CMCFN conference, encouraging my student teachers to co-present with me. I have presented at Asilomar asking colleagues to co-present. My work with pre-service and new teachers for the last 25 years has provided me the opportunity to facilitate their involvement in CMC-N and for their creativity to be shared. I am interested in finding more pathways that encourages new teachers to join CMC.

If elected I will work hard with the CMC-N team to provide quality professional-development that will help teachers  implement meaningful and rigorous lessons.




Vice President


Julie McNamara
Berkeley, CA

I am honored to be running for Vice President and Program Chair for CMC North. CMC has been an integral part of my life since I first attended the conference at Asilomar as a new teacher in the early 90’s. Over the years I have continued to attend and present at CMC conferences even as my focus has shifted from working with K-12 students to working with K-12 preservice teachers. After teaching public school in Vallejo and Berkeley, I began working with pre- and inservice teachers as a teacher educator and professional development provider. In my role as a mathematics teacher educator at CSU East Bay, I have been fortunate to bring my class of teacher candidates to the CMC-North conference for the past four years. The conference is a highlight of the CSU East Bay credential program – for me and for my students. I have seen first-hand the power of this amazing community through the eyes of a veteran teacher/teacher educator and those who are at the beginning of their careers. I am excited about the prospect of taking on a leadership role within CMC and hope to be the next Vice President for CMC North.




Alison Nash
Alameda, CA

I am very excited to be running again for CMC-North Secretary. I have been involved with CMC-North for the past 15 years and had the great fortune of working with the organization during my year  of student teaching in McKinleyville, CA. I served as the equipment chair for the annual CMC conference at Asilomar for 8 years and was the NCTM representative for 4 years. I believe that my experience with CMC provides for an excellent continuation as secretary.

I taught middle school in San Rafael and Oakland for 9 years. At KIPP Bridge in Oakland, I also served as the school data director and helped teachers use data to drive instruction improvement and success. At East Bay Arts High School I am helping with the transition to Integrated Math. I am dedicated to CMC and eager to continue to grow as secretary of the North. I feel my organization skills, passion for math education, and dedication to the organization make me a perfect candidate for this job.




Dennis Kombe
Monterey, CA

I consider it an honor to run for the position of CMC-North's Treasurer. A little over three years ago, I moved to California from Clemson University in SC to take up a position as a Math Ed. Assistant Professor at the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB).  I was welcomed and continue to nurtured by members of CMC-North. For the past three years, I have cherished the collegiality and tremendous learning that come with participation at CMC-North's Asilomar conference. In running for this office, I want to be more involved with a community of educators who share the passion for strengthening mathematics teaching and learning to make it accessible to all students - irrespective of their backgrounds. I see this is an opportunity to give back, through a leadership role, to an organization that has done a lot over the years to promote effective and engaging mathematics learning among California's youth. I currently serve as the secretary to Monterey Bay  Mathematics Council's board (MBMC ) - an affiliate of CMC-N. At CSUMB, my research examines the broad range of factors and circumstances that position mathematics and science teachers to become effective, especially when working with students from historically under-resourced communities and looks to improve the preparation of prospective teachers by bridging the gap between research and practice.


Brian Lim
Sacramento, CA

I’ve been a member of CMC since 1998 and have been a part of the CMC-N board member as a local affiliate representative since 2002.  During this time, I have been the CMC-N treasurer for last six years as well as have volunteered in various CMC-N committees including six years as a member of the Asilomar Conference program committee.  My “regular job” is at Sacramento State University in the Department of Teaching Credentials.  I teach mathematics method courses for both single subject and multiple subjects credential candidates.  I have been also actively involved with my local affiliate, Sacramento Area Mathematics Educators (SAME).  My dedication to local affiliate as well as the CMC-N shows that I do not take responsibility as a small matter.  I think that my various experience in local affiliate and this organization as well as my dedication makes me prepared to work at the CMC-N leadership level for another term as the CMC-N Treasurer.


CMC Central Section Candidates

President Elect


Hilda Wright
Bakersfield, CA

I am so thrilled at the opportunity to serve as CMC Central President. CMC has inspired and shaped the math leader I am today. I am passionate about the learning of students, teachers, parents, administrators, and school leaders. My goal is to build positive environments, math cultures, and beliefs surrounding mathematics. 

Currently, I am blessed to be the Kern County Math Council (CMC affiliate) President, the CMC Central’s- NCTM representative, and a member of TODOS-Mathematics for All. For the past 26 years, I have dedicated my service to Bakersfield City School District, and for the past 7 years, I have served in Curriculum and Instruction as a Math Instructional Specialist. I believe we have an opportunity and obligation to collaborate as individuals who bring a wide wealth of knowledge and perspectives to align with CMC’s mission and vision. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss and share topics such as integration, language, technology, 21st century skills, social justice in mathematics, English learners, students with special needs, mindset, equity, discourse, and identity.

My hope is for all students and adults to feel confident, accepted, and to have a strong desire to learn and believe in themselves as mathematicians. We must create an environment where students see themselves in the mathematics and are inspired to explore math tasks that relate to their diverse experiences and backgrounds that ultimately impacts their future success. In my spare time, I enjoy learning, serving, and being a mom.


Harlan Elrich
Sanger, CA

I have always had a real passion for mathematics.  I have a real passion for students of mathematics. It is my desire to see that all students receive a quality education in mathematics.  As such, I would love to work alongside of current teachers of mathematics to support them in any way possible.

If I were the President of CMC Central, I would strive to work with other teachers to help them build a solid mathematical foundation for their students.  It is my wish that all math students be exposed to real world mathematics that will solidify their understanding of the mathematics.

I am currently teaching Integrated Math 3 at Sanger High School.  I have taught mathematics, from junior high to high school, as well as at a County Juvenile Detention Center, for over 30 years.  I have experience teaching in South Dakota, as well as in Corcoran, Santa Paula, and in Bakersfield, in California.  I also have spent a year at the District Office in Sanger as the District Instructional Specialist.

I am currently the president of FaMME, Fresno and Madera Mathematics Educators.  I have been a PLC lead at Sanger High School for several years in the past.  Currently I am focusing on becoming the best teacher I can possibly become, developing my own lessons to share with my colleagues, to encourage students to become more involved in their own education in my math class.

Vice President


Duane Habecker
Merced, CA

It would be an honor serving as CMC Central Vice-President, representing mathematics educators in our area. CMC plays a pivotal role in creating and nurturing a professional learning community that allows educators to deepen their own understanding of mathematics and pedagogy, which improves the experiences of all students and promotes equity. I would like to play part in that important role.

I am the Mathematics Coordinator for Merced County Office of Education. In this role, I work collaboratively with site and district leaders to create a vision of mathematics learning for their community, and then provides the professional development for the teachers and instructional coaches to realize that vision. I am especially passionate about sharing my love of instructional strategies and routines that provide access to high-quality mathematics for ALL students. This passion has allowed me to frequently present at local, state, and national conferences such as NCTM, NCSM, all three CMC conferences, Virtual Math Summit, etc. Prior to my current role at MCOE, I spent nearly 30 years as a TK-5 mathematics instructional coach and a middle school math teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a national GTE Growth Initiatives For Teachers award winner and an Excellence in Education award winner. I have created more than 1000 math videos that are seen a half million times each month. I have created hundreds of GeoGebra applets that are used internationally. In my free time, I can often be found playing guitar with my students, dreaming of becoming a rock star.





Stephanie Verners
Visalia, CA

I have had the pleasure to serve as CMC Central Secretary for the past two years. During this time, I have been able to represent the mathematics educators in our area and serve on the Outreach and Advocacy Committee.  I am passionate about  partnering with administrators and teachers alike, to narrow the achievement gap and provide an equitable math experience for all students. 

I am currently in my sixth year as a Mathematics Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist for Tulare County Office of Education. In my role with TCOE, I work with local districts to create systems for district-wide CCSSM implementation, support teachers and administrators in a variety of capacities, and provide on-going professional learning at the county office and in the mathematics field.  I have had the pleasure of working with the Central Valley  Networked Improvement Community (CVNIC) as an Improvement Specialist.  This has provided me the opportunity to work with seven districts to learn from one another in increasing the achievement in 5th grade mathematics.  CVNIC has been recognized as a Spotlight Networked Improvement Community (NIC) from the Carnegie Foundation.  

I began my career 21 years ago as middle school mathematics teacher and served on the district mathematics vertical team.  I also served as A.V.I.D. Coordinator and facilitated summer A.V.I.D. Institutes during the summer. I joined Fresno County Office of Education as a mathematics coach for 3 years to support local educators in providing quality instruction in mathematics. I served as an elementary site administrator for 7 years. During my tenure, I supported my staff in making the shift to common core state standards.  I have also had an opportunity to serve as an instructor for the Madera County Office of Education-Bridges to Leadership Program, supporting educators to earn their administrative credential.  In addition to presenting at CMC-South, I have co-presented at NCSM (2016) and NCTM (2010).


Nancy Nagatani
Hanford, CA

It is with great joy that I have this opportunity to serve as the CMC Central Secretary.  

Since I was a small child I have dreamed of becoming a teacher.  Throughout my schooling I narrowed it down to mathematics purely by observation of my own math teachers and my experience with them.  I quickly became a high school math teacher after graduating, earning my Masters in Teaching, and most recently have moved to the junior high level.  After 15 years of teaching, not only has my passion for mathematics grown but so has my desire to be more innovative in my classroom, creative with my teaching style, and inspiring to the entire student population on my Preschool - 8th grade campus.  My passion is guided by my values and ethics as I try to lead by example and encourage the willingness to learn from mistakes.  

Over the years I have changed my own idea of what a teacher is and continue to explore ways to not only better prepare my students in mathematics, but also how to be problem solvers.  While trying to really ignite their passion for learning, I have continued my own professional education and learning experiences. Over the last 15 years I have served as the Math Facilitator at Hanford High School for 6 years, Lead Math Teacher at Kings River-Hardwick Elementary for 6 years, WASC Chairperson, CMC South presenter, CMC Central presenter,  Illuminate Education Coordinator for 3 years at Hanford High School and 6 years at Kings River-Hardwick Elementary, Math Consultant for Gail Robinette & Associates, reviewer of California online schools and mathematics curriculum through Kings County Office of Education, and participated in the i3 Create mathematics grant through CSU Northridge.




Marisa Aoki
Clovis, CA

I am excited by the opportunity to give back to CMC and the educators of Central California through serving as your treasurer. I began speaking at and attending CMC conferences in 2013 and I greatly value the professional growth and personal connections I’ve made through my participation. I believe the greatest way I can show my gratitude is to support the mission and the infrastructure of the organization so that more educators can reap the same benefits that I have.  

I have been teaching middle school math for 10 years in Fresno and Tulare Counties. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to create positive mathematics learning experiences for both teachers and students, and have been blessed to work with and support the staff at Fairmont Elementary in Sanger over the last 4 years. I am excited to be embarking on a new chapter in my life as I begin work with the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools as a PK-8 Mathematics Consultant this year.  

In addition to my involvement with mathematics education, I am also a member of two symphony orchestras (the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra and the Sequoia Symphony) where I play the trombone. I have many years of experience serving as an officer of music service organizations, and I hope to bring those strengths and experiences to the table to support the work of CMC Central.


Elizabeth Gamino
Fresno, CA

I am so excited to have the opportunity to run for Treasurer of CMC Central section. I have had the distinct honor of serving you, my CMC Central community, in the capacity of Vice President for the past two years and would be deeply honored to serve as your Treasurer if elected. 

I am deeply passionate about changing the narratives of both our youth and the adults who serve them by building an infrastructure that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics through current research and proven practices. For far too long, many of our students have been marginalized by a system which promotes a one size fits all curricular approach for mathematical achievement. Therefore, I am dedicated to serving as an advocate to ensure that the students of California and across the nation are afforded the opportunity to engage in mathematically rich and rigorous instruction that promotes equitable participation at the onset of their educational careers. 

The majority of my time as an educator has been spent working in the area of mathematics, having served in the capacity of classroom teacher, Math TOSA, Research Associate and District Administrator. Additionally, providing designing and providing professional learning opportunities is another passion of mine. I have been blessed to share my mathematical pedagogical and content expertise in multiple venues at the district, county, state and national levels. 

Professional organizations that I am a member of include NCTM, NAEYC, CAAEYC, TODOS, and AMAE. I serve as a board member for Stone Soup Fresno and am a co-owner of STEM Boxcars. In addition to my math community, I support the Marjaree Mason Center, CASA, Chasing Shelby Foundation and the Tagua Fair Trade store by volunteering my time and services. 

As your treasurer not only will I attend to seeing that we remain fiscally solvent, but I will continue working to increase the diversity of our membership and our conference attendance, while working in tandem with educational partners at the local, state and national level to promote the mission and vision of California Mathematics Council. 


CMC Southern Section Candidates

President Elect


Carol Treglio
San Diego, CA

I am running for the office of President Elect/President.  I have been Vice President/ Conference Chair for the past 6 years, intimately involved in the all parts of the conference positions.  Prior to that I was Program Co-chair as well as worked on and co-chaired the rooms committee.  As an executive board member for the past 6 years, I have become very familiar with all of the tasks of each of the officers.  I feel that I can fulfill the position.   To me outreach is an important part of the job, not only to the affiliates, but to CMC State, to CMC North and Central, as well as to our partner organizations.   I support our mission and I feel that I can fulfill the position.

So, why do I want to be president?  As president elect I will get the opportunity to work more closely with the affiliates to support and strengthen their efforts and determine how they can be more involved in the council and possibly we with them.  There has been progress in this regard but I would like to see more. For example, I would like to see more of our affiliates attend the meetings regularly and for those who cannot attend, set it up virtually so that they continue to be part of the community.  Additionally, I want to continue the good work that has been done by the Equity Committee in Social Justice and build on it.    Incorporate some of the ideas from the conferences in the “doing math together”. How does social justice play into the task?   




Vice President


Brian Shay
San Diego, CA

I am excited to run for Vice-President of CMC-South. Throughout my career, CMC-South has provided me with guidance, professional development, and inspiration. I have been teaching high school math since 2001, and have been an active member of CMC-S my entire career. I have spoken at CMC-South's Annual Conference many times, and have been on the Program Committee for since 2010. Since 2012, I have been the chair or co-chair of the CMC-South Annual Conference Program Committee. I also was the Program Chair of NCTM's 2019 Annual Meeting in San Diego and serve on NCTM's Curriculum Resource Committee. As Vice-President of CMC-South, I intend to continue to grow the impact of our organization and conference. CMC-South's amazing group of volunteers build a world-class conference and I look forward to making it even stronger. Our organization needs to reach more teachers and students, and the best way to do that is to make our conference relevant and focused on their needs. I will lead the committees to make a more inclusive conference, where the speakers share workshops that meet the many diverse needs of our teachers and students. I am excited for the challenge to help shape the vision of CMC-South and our fantastic conference.  




Scott Hampton
Lancaster, CA

Scott Hampton is the Curriculum Coordinator for the Antelope Valley Union High School District, in northern Los Angeles County. During his teaching tenure, he was an active member of the AP Statistics Community, attending many training, serving as a grader and providing professional development to other people in the district and the Antelope Valley.  In addition to teaching high school mathematics, he has also taught mathematics at California State University Bakersfield. He serves as the president of the Antelope Valley Mathematics Council and has created a local mathematics leadership group to address the needs of students across the Antelope Valley. He has also created performance tasks in conjunction with a consortium of five separate school districts and Stanford Center for Assessment Learning and Equity (SCALE)
I would like to serve as Secretary for CMC-South to take a larger leadership role in mathematics education. I believe all students can learn mathematics but they may learn in different ways and on a different time schedule. I believe we need to reform mathematics education from the inside so that all students have access to quality mathematics instruction they deserve. I will gladly serve to help support the mission of CMC-South.

Teresa McCarthy
San Marcos, CA

After 21 years of teaching, I am excited to say that I still have more to learn, and I enjoy finding opportunities to do so with other passionate colleagues. I am running for CMC-South secretary, so I can help this thriving math community of volunteers continue to support one another in our efforts to provide the best instruction possible for the students we serve each day. My teaching experience began in San Bernardino as a third-grade teacher back in 1997 for 3-years followed by Corona-Norco as a self-contained sixth-grade teacher before getting married and settling in San Marcos just north of San Diego. Over the last 17 years, I’ve taught middle school special education, fifth grade at the elementary level, and sixth grade math at the middle school level for San Marcos Unified School District. 
I’m currently serving as the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council (GSDMC) secretary for the second consecutive term. In that time, I’ve worked to help put together a few local math conferences in the San Diego area and have attended CMC-South meetings as a voting affiliate representative. This summer, I will spend a week at UCSD as a workgroup member for MDTP followed by three weeks in Utah for the PCMI (Park City Math Institute) Teacher Leadership Program. I’ll return home for a little down time with my family before helping GSDMC with our back to school Mini-Conference in August. I am passionate about math education and want to help share that love with others. 



Jim Short
Ojai, CA

I have been honored to serve as the CMC-South Treasurer for 4 years now, and would like to serve another 2 year term. The CMC vision of engaging and empowering all students in meaningful mathematical work is near and dear to my heart, and I have spent the last 30 years learning more about what that means in order to share it with others and make a difference in the lives of all of our students, particularly those who are so often neglected and marginalized.  There is still so much work that needs to be done, and I would like to continue doing a little in supporting that work through serving the maths teachers of Southern California as treasurer of our maths teachers association!