Common Core Standards

This page has links and information to keep our members apprised on the Common Core Standards and California’s involvement with the adoption of these Standards.

California Common Core Standards as recommended by the ACSC on July 15, 2010

CCSS Introduction

CCSS English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities
CCSS English Language Arts
CCSS Mathematics

Errata:  The shaded table labeled “Mathematical Practices” on page 75 of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics is in error. Bullets 1 and 2 should not be listed. Bullets 3-8 are consistent with the listings for Mathematical Practices on pages 6-8 of the CCSS for Mathematics.

Common Core Standards Website
Final Version Math Standards
Response to the standards draft by Steven Leinwand and Susan Jo Russell
California Academic Content Standards Commission Website and Resources

Visit the CMC Blog for the latest information.

Videos from the final hours of the final meeting of the ACSC

Vote on the K-7 standards
HS discussion Part 1
HS discussion Part 2 and recommendation of the ACSC

The grade level crosswalks/comparisons and the suggested 15% additions can be found on the ACSC website.

Handouts not posted on the ACSC Website:

Wu’s handout – July 7, 2010
Milgram’s Powerpoint – July 7, 2010

Milgram’s Handout 1
Milgram’s Handout 2

Evers and Wurman proposed revisions to the math CCSS

Deb Sigman, CDE, Presentation on RTTT Assessment Consortia, July 6, 2010

NMAP/CCSS comparison

Sandra Stotsky’s comments July 6, 2010

David Pearson’s powerpoint July 6, 2010

Suggested 15% additions by Heather Calahan and Scott Farrand

Audio recordings from July 14th. (These will have breaks in them as they were not continuous recordings.)

1:15 PM
1:35 PM
1:42 PM
1:55 PM
2:08 PM
2:30 PM
3:27 PM (recorded after a 20 minute break)
4:02 PM
4:22 PM
4:51 PM (previous recordings will be posted later)
4:56 PM (actual discussion on the standards by recommendation by grade level)
5:25 PM
6:23 PM
7:08 PM
PACE (Policy Analysis for California Education) Common Core Symposia 6/10/10
Achieve – Achieving the Common Core