Early Learning Support

The California Mathematics Council’s Professional Development Committee has created a PowerPoint presentation that can be used at parent meeting to introduce the CMC Early Learning Math at Home booklet, resources, and lessons. To download a copy of either PowerPoint presentation, click on either of the links below. The PowerPoint presentation will automatically be downloaded to your computer.


Early Learning Math at Home Presentation

The Early Learning PowerPoint and talking points are designed for groups to use when introducing the Early Learning document.  The audience can be parents alone or parents with their children.


Aprendizaje Temprano Matematicas En Casa

El PowerPoint Aprendizaje Temprano y puntos de discusión están diseñados para que grupos lo utilizamos a la hora de introducir el documento de Aprendizaje Temprano. La audiencia puede ser padres solos o padres con sus hijos.

There are also four short support movies that can be used along with these presentations as additional demonstrations of parents doing mathematics with their young children in meaningful ways. You can download one or more of the videos from these links:

Counting Blocks

Counting Candles

Counting Containers

Counting Rocks

Below are two suggested workshop agendas for anyone who wishes to use the Early Learning Math at Home resources in sessions with parents and guardians. The first agenda is suggested for work with groups of adults only. The second agenda includes suggestions for sessions that include parents and their children.

Agenda: Early Learning Math at Home for Parents & Guardians 

Agenda: Families with Children Early Learning  Math at Home

CMC hopes you will use these tools in your work with English and Spanish speaking parents so they might in turn work with their children to help them to enjoy, appreciate, and understand mathematics.