CMC North Virtual Conference Exhibitors 

CMC North Conference 64th Annual Conference
The Magic of Mathematics
December 3 - 5, 2021

CMC-N Exhibit Hall 2021

The CMC North Conference is in person this year and is in Pacific Grove, CA. The Exhibit Hall will be located in Merrill Hall on the Asilomar Conference Grounds. The CMC-N board invites your business to be an exhibitor at the 64th Annual Conference.

All businesses are welcome.  Book publishers and those companies that promote mathematics education are especially welcome.  Since the holiday season is near, we encourage businesses to display and sell items of interest to the participants. Most participants are educators in the field of mathematics and mostly come from California. We expect approximately 1200 participants.

The booth space is $300 per table with a maximum of 3 tables. There is an additional cost of $50, if you desire electricity.  Spaces are about 6 feet by 6 feet and include a 6 by 2.5 foot table with two chairs. The exhibitors will have access to a high-speed WiFi connection.

Exhibitors must register for the conference, if they desire to attend conference sessions.

To encourage the participants to visit the Exhibit Hall, drawings will be held.  If you would like to offer a drawing prize, you may either run your own drawing or choose to participate with CMC-N’s drawing.  All conference participants will receive several drawing tickets and will be able to enter a limited number of drawings.

The Exhibit Hall will be open to conference-goers on Friday evening and all day Saturday.

More information can be found on the CMC-N Exhibit website: 

Questions can be directed to Chris Tsuji, [email protected] or Mark Mosheim,  [email protected] .

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